Saba was Marcus's mother and Nathan's grandmother. She killed Virginia, the leader of the hunters, and was in turn killed by Clay.

History Edit

Saba had killed a Hunter and was on the run. She fled across England through countrysides, cities and towns until they were closing in on her. She was exhausted and in desperation she hid in the cellar of a large house on the edge of a village. The Hunters surrounded her preventing her from escaping. During the night, she emitted dark, terrible screams that kept the Hunters from sleeping. The screams carried on until dawn. When Virginia went down into the cellar to stop the screams, she found her body half dead, totally mad and still screaming. She also clawed at her face, which was a mass of scars. She also bit off her own tongue and yet she still kept screaming. Virginia and the other Hunters took her with them to the Council to be interrogated. She was tied up and carried out of the cellar. At the middle of the night, her strength was returning now she was outside in the night air. She sent flames from her mouth, setting on fire the two Hunters carrying her. She fell to the ground and used her flames to burn through her bonds. Virginia then drew her gun and shot her in the chest, but she had enough life in her to grab hold of Virginia and set fire to her too. They were both in flames when Virginia’s son, Clay, shot her in the neck. She fell, silent at last, on the lawn of the house.

Gifts Edit

  • Pyrokinesis