Mary Walker
Biographical Information
Status: Alive (presumably)
Home: England
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: White
Eye color: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown
Relevant Pages

"I worked for the Council because I believed White Witches were good, superior, and I was now faced with the fact that they were all as bad as Black Witches, as bad as fains, as bad as them all."

Mary is an old white witch who lives alone separated from society. She used to work for the council before she realized the evils that the council was behind and fled to live a life secluded.


Mary worked as a secretary for the Council before Half Bad, charged with keeping records.  She stumbled upon an article describing the retribution process preformed on black witches and was horrified. She was so disturbed by the process that she couldn't sleep. She knew of a Black Witch who was being kept in the cells, Massimo(Marcus's Grandfather, Nathan's Great-grandfather), and decided to free him. She managed to get into the cell, pretending to be mad with hate for the Black Witches. She picked up a knife and pretended to attack him but really slipped the knife to him. Massimo stabbed himself in the heart to escape the torture. The knife was later revealed to be the Fairborn. Afterwards Mary fled society and moved to the woods, using many protective spells to keep people from finding her.

Half BadEdit

Mary sends an Invitation to her birthday to Nathan Byrn.  While he's there she tells him about her past, Saba, and about how he needs to find Mercury.  After he leaves she casts wards on him so he can't be tracked to prevent anyone from finding her.