Jessica Byrn
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Home: England
Witch/Fain: White Witch
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Blue
Dean Byrn † (father)
Cora Byrn † (mother)
Deborah Byrn † (sister)
Arran Byrn (brother)
Nathan Byrn (maternal half-brother)
David Ashworth † (maternal grandfather)
Elsie Ashworth † (maternal grandmother)
David † (brother-in-law)
Edge (nephew)
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Jessica Byrn is a White Witch and the older half-sister of Nathan Byrn. She was cruel to him during his childhood and blames him for her mothers death. She recently became the Leader of the Hunters.

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Personality Edit

Jessica is generally sadistic and cruel, particularly towards Black witches and her half-brother Nathan.

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Shape shifting (human) Edit

Relationships Edit

Nathan Byrn: Half brother

Jessica has a very bad relationship with Nathan. She has treated him badly since he was born, she blames Nathan for their mother, Cora Byrn's suicide.

Arran Byrn: Brother

Debroah Byrn: Sister

Dean Byrn: Father

Cora Byrn: Mother

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