Hunters are an elite group of White Witches. In Britain they are typically to hunt all Black Witches but in the rest of Europe they usually only go after targets who are giving them a reason to. When Soul O'Brien takes over the council of White Witches, however, he starts having hunters go after all black witches everywhere and control all witches in Europe. His drastic actions are what prompt the creation of the Alliance of Free Witches.

History Edit

The earliest leader of the Hunter's referred to is Virginia. Virginia was killed by Saba, Nathan's grand mother. Virginia and several other Hunters were trying to beat Saba through a battle of attrition but at night Saba would scream wildly and Virginia, not being able to take it anymore, went into the cellar in which Saba was trapped and dragged her out. Being in the night air Saba gained strength and attacked. Virginia shot her but Saba had enough strength to kill her using her gift, which was control over fire. Clay, Virginia's son, becomes the next leader.

Half Bad Edit

Clay is still the leader of the Hunters when Half Bad starts. Clay is an exception to the general rule that female witches are stronger then male witches and is very powerful. He is very skilled at combat and beats Nathan very badly during his assessment of him at Celia's.

Half Wild Edit

Clay has a romantic relation with Jessica Byrn, Nathan's half sister and a hunter. When Soul O'Brien takes over the Council he replaces Clay with Jessica, ending Jessica's relationship as her love for Clay palled in comparison to her thirst for power.

Known Hunters Edit

  • Virginia
  • Clay
  • Celia(ex-Hunter)
  • Jessica Bryn
  • Kieran O'Brien