Biographical Information
Status: Dead
Home: England
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Relatives: Unknown
Relevant Pages

"They talked about how they were setting a trap for this witch called Nathan.  He's famous.  He's the son of Marcus.  Half Black Witch and Half White WItch.  They say he'd killed alot of Hunters."

Donna is a White Witch who is discovered by Nathan Byrn in a hunter camp, believing she is a prisoner of Hunters.


Half LostEdit

Nathan discovers Donna in a Hunter camp and initially believes she is Annalise, but quickly realizes she isn't.  She is a prisoner at the camp and after he kills all the Hunters he frees her.  Nathan was initially distrustful of her but she claimed she had been trying to join the Alliance of Free Witches. She's guarded when she arrives at the Alliance camp and put under a truth potion but answers every question very vaguely, preventing the Alliance from determining her true intentions. Later on she shoots Nathan with an enchanted bullet nearly killing him. Adele managed to shoot Donna after she shoots Nathan, killing her.