Deborah Byrn
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Home: England
Witch/Fain: White Witch
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Light Brown
Eye color: Blue
Dean Byrn † (father)
Cora Byrn † (mother)
David † (husband)
Jessica Byrn (sister)
Arran Byrn (brother)
Nathan Byrn (maternal half-brother)
David Ashworth † (maternal grandfather)
Elsie Ashworth † (maternal grandmother)
Edge (nephew)
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Deborah Byrn is Nathan Byrn's maternal half-sister.

Biography Edit

Half Bad Edit

She meets and marries her husband David in the first book.

Half Wild Edit

She and her husband were later killed by The Council after it was discovered that they had been sharing information with The Alliance. It is suggested that she was tortured before her death.

Personality Edit

Physical description Edit

Abilities and skills Edit

Gifts Edit

She has a very unusual gift, that has been described as having something to do with being good at paperwork. She uses this skill to get a job on The Council and leaks information to The Alliance.

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