Annalise O'Brien
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Home: New York, America
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Mr. O'Brien (father)
Mrs. O'Brien (mother)
Kieran O'Brien † (brother)
Niall O'Brien (brother)
Connor O'Brien † (brother)
Soul O'Brien (uncle)
Unnamed Paternal Grandfather †
Edge (son)

Ben (Husband)

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Annalise O'Brien was Nathan Byrn's first friend and love interest in Half Bad.

Biography Edit

Half Bad Edit

Half Wild Edit

Half Lost

In Half Lost Annalise is not mentioned until Nathan sees her at the White Witch Council when he and the rest of the Alliance are attacking it. Nathan tried to kill Annalise under the influence of a potion that the leader of the White Witch Council gave to him. Nathan did end up resisting and killing Soul instead but he still despised Annalise for killing his father, Nathan left Annalise after this and she isn’t mention until the end of the book, shortly before when Nathan is living with Celia in the forest after Gabriel died. Aaron tells Nathan that Annalise got married and had a son, Nathan’s son, she named him Edge, which is Marcus’ last name and the name of the place the two used to meet. Nathan never got to meet his son as he became one with Gabriel and the Earth, but he did tell Aaron to tell his son that Annalise murder his father and to tell Edge of him as he wanted him to know his father even if he never met him.

Personality Edit

Annalise is described as being kind, but thoughtless to the feelings of others sometimes. She often looks through rose-colored glasses and can be blind to the truth. Annalise dislikes violence and has a desire to do what is right in order to make others happy. However, she often falls short of this.

Physical description Edit

Annalise has a fragile build and is fair skinned. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Abilities and skills Edit


Relationships Edit

  • Nathan Byrn (Former love interest)
  • Connor O'Brien (Older Brother)
  • Niall O'Brien (Older Brother)
  • Kieran O'Brien (Older Brother)
  • Soul O'Brien (Uncle)
  • Ben (Last name unknown) (Husband)
  • Edge (Son) (Nathan's and Annalise's)

Trivia Edit

  • In Half Bad, Celia is talking with Nathan about witches killed by his father. Annalise's grandfather was one of them. Marcus stole his power - invisibility.